My-Ditto Cloud Storage

I know there are a lot of Cloud storage places out there already, but spare with me while i try to sort My-Ditto out for you.

I personally think that having my own personal cloud running from home on my network is a great thing. Why you ask? Simply, i run it, i can add or remove as much space as i want, and i can share with who ever i wish. Right now as it stands i have a cloud storage device with 8TB of storage space. Sure you may say that is an insane amount of space. Well i do use it. I keep my movies on there, my music and a ton of other stuff. There is an app for any of my devices, and i can access it via the web.

So on with My-Ditto. My-Ditto works by letting you purchase the storage space you need, or think you need. It has several different versions of it with multiple sizes of storage space. This makes is simpler on you. As the one i have i have to plug drives into it via USB ports that are on the device. With My-Ditto, you just get as much space as you need, plug it in and your ready to go!

Bellow you will see each one with the sizes available soon.